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  • Banbury International Community School - well, well ! Posted on 01 June 2017

    Last October when I visited the School, I was accompanied by Nicola, the daughter of a Reading Rotarian who had visited the school in the early days of building and attended the opening ceremony on my behalf.

    While we were there she suggested we start a school garden project so they could grow some basic food items (casava and sweetcorn) to supplement their foodstream. She organised a fundraising campaign and purchased tools and seedlings to start the project and things are going well.

    One of the main issues is that the nearest water source, other than the rainwater harvesting tank, is some distance away and the garden needs a fairly constant supply.It was suggested that we should sink a well at the school and after some initial research this seems feasible so we are just about to start a fundraising campaign for this.

    Well, well - that will be Good News !!



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