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  • 2 Classroom project completed Posted on 12 May 2017

    We have just completed the building of 2 new classrooms at the Liverpool Community School in Waterloo - this takes the total of classrooms to 14.

    There are 6 classrooms in the junior school and 8 in the secondary school

    The next development, when funds allow, will be the installation of a basic water harvesting system at the school.

    Unfortunately I have had to divert funds set aside for this to fund the replacement of a roof on a 5 classroom block at another school in Kissy. The zinc roof had been on the building for 18 years but with recent torrential rains it finally gave in and all the ceilings in the classrooms have been extensively damaged.

    This means that the water harvesting at Liverpool School will not now take place before the rainy season which means the "rains" will not benefit the community for basic sanitation and hygiene this year.

    I am hoping to raise enough money to maybe get the work done and get some benefit from the "rains"

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