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  • Further development at the 2 Waterloo Schools Posted on 03 May 2017

    During the past 7 months I have been somewhat pre-occupied as I have had to close my business but work has been going on in the background.

    At the Banbury International Community School we have built a further 2 classrooms, an office/staff room and store area. We have also, courtesy of Woodstock & Kidlington Rotary Club, we have installed rainwater harvesting on all the buildings. With support from Nicola from Reading a school gardening project has been started and is developing.

    At the Liverpool Community School we have built a wall to segregate the senior and junior sections of the school and we are currently building another 2 classrooms for the junior school.

    I am still undertaking talks as a means of spreading the word and fundraising and I have several talks coming up in the next few weeks.

    Funds are coming in on a regular basis and sponsors/supporters are always aware that EVERY £ raised goes to the projects.

    More news and a Newsletter will follow shortly 

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